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5.5.2 ( bug fix from 5.5.1 )
  • Corrected an error in the calculation of the viscosity term in the DNS scheme
  • Corrected an error in the calculation of the equivalent potential temperature
  • Corrected time units in GrADS control file output by SNO
  • Fixed an error when the lsmask data is not given in the GrADS real input
  • Fixed an issue that time information output by the profiler was sometimes incorrect
  • Fixed references to undefined value
  • Resolved a problem with overflow errors in integers when the input GrADS file size is large
5.5.1 ( bug fix from 5.5.0 )
  • Fixed the mkinit for the baroclinic wave test case
  • Fixed a compile error for some version of GNU compiler
  • Change default setting for MPI for FUJITSU compiler
  • Updated the user guide
5.5.0 ( minor updates from 5.4.5 )
  • Unified NetCDF file input module for the real input
  • Default use of domain center as the standard latitude for Mercator and equidistant cylindrical projections
  • Eliminated need to give the latlon catalog file
  • Eliminated need to give time information for boundary data
  • Eliminated need to give parent domain process information for offline nesting
  • Updated the namelist file and conversion script for the latest FNL data
  • Changed format of timer information in LOG file
  • Support newer version of GNU compiler
  • Addition and removal of several sysdef files
  • Added several options to the Tomita08 scheme
  • Added several options to the SN14 scheme
  • Added several options to the MYNN scheme
  • 2D parameters are available in the Kusaka01 scheme
  • User-defined calendar can be used
  • Added ability to output time min/max data to history file
  • Allowed relative paths to be set for bulk job
  • Tutorial simulations now support GPU computers
  • Supported one-sided MPI communication
  • Improved iterations in the land and urban models
  • Improved numerical stability for the MYNN level 3 scheme
  • Improved handling of thermodynamical quantities in the KF scheme
  • Improved momentum flux calculation in the Kusaka01 scheme
  • Reduce memory usage in the real input
  • Optimization for the Fugaku supercomputer
  • Optimization of the SUZUKI10 scheme
  • Fixed some bugs in SNO
  • Fixed many other bugs
5.4.5 ( bug fix from 5.4.4 )
  • Fix precipitation calculation for energy conservation
  • Fix the grid nudging for REAL-type boundary
  • Fix a stalling problem at single file output
  • Fix for the newer versions of GNU compiler
  • Update sysdep files for FUGAKU
5.4.4 ( bug fix from 5.4.3 )
  • Fix a bug in the SN14 scheme (thanks to @slayoo)
5.4.3 ( bug fix from 5.4.2 )
  • Fix wrong OpenMP directives
  • Fix out-of-array reference in the vertical interpolation
  • Fix incorrect calculation of the vertical divergence
  • Fix the horizontal interpolation of zonally cyclic data
  • Update the sysdef files for FUGAKU
5.4.2 ( bug fix from 5.4.1 )
  • Fix a bug in the SNO to output topo and lsmask from pp files.
  • Fix bugs for single precision calculation
  • Fix wrong openmp directives
  • Fix wrong number density of the hydrometeors in the real input
  • Change the calculation of the optical parameters in the mstrnX to avoid extraporation
5.4.1 ( bug fix from 5.4.0 )
  • Fix incorrect changes in surface temperature when ATMOS_PHY_SF_TYPE is CONST.
  • Fix a problem with different results in restart runs
  • Fix a bug in SNO
  • Fix a bug in the UD7 and CD8 flux schemes
  • Fix undefined references
  • Change some options for the FUGAKU supercomputer
5.4.0 ( minor updates from 5.3.6 )
  • Change the configuration parameters of the KUSAKA model
  • Change the configuration parameters of the KF scheme
  • Change the configuration parameters for the Coriolis parameter
  • Change the configuration parameters for topography
  • Change the configuration parameters for GrADS input
  • Change the configuration parameter for the depth of the slab ocean
  • Add the SATO2019 lightning scheme (experimental)
  • Add a grid and spectral nudging
  • Add a seven-step RK scheme
  • Add sysdep files for LinuxARM, FUGAKU, OBCX, and NIESSX computers
  • Add the bi-linear interpolation to the real input and online nesting
  • Support freezing of soil moisture
  • Enable two-dimensional calculation
  • Enable to output the Obukhov length and scales to history output
  • Enable to use of all even orders for the numerical filter
  • Enable to interpolate to the pressure coordinate in SNO
  • Enable to use a different map projection than the parent domain for the SCALE offline nesting
  • Change ocean and land calculations for better conservation of the total energy
  • Change calculation of the hydrostatic pressure
  • Change calculation of initial state in the real input
  • Fix bug in the SUZUKI10 scheme
  • Fix some bugs in SNO
  • Fix some bugs in the KF scheme
  • Fix some bugs in the NYNN scheme
5.3.6 ( bugfix from 5.3.5 )
  • Fix wrong calculation of T2 and Q2
  • Fix wrong array index in the precipitation scheme
  • Fix wrong a coefficient of the universal function in the bulkflux scheme
  • Fix some bugs in the MYNN scheme
  • Fix MPI error in SNO
  • Fix negative fixer to conserve moist inernal energy
  • Fix for positive definite in the KF scheme
  • Fix potential floating overflow in the TOMITA08 scheme
  • Fix bug in storing history variables in the TOMITA08 scheme
  • Fix wrong configuration for the WK1982 test case
  • Change calculation of MSLP
  • Change to avoid floating point exception with Intel compiler
5.3.5 ( bugfix from 5.3.4 )
  • Fix wrong local time in the urban model
  • Fix wrong land use factor
5.3.4 ( bugfix from 5.3.3 )
  • Fix unexpected decrease of the soil temperature with snow precipitation
  • Fix unexpected decrease of the urban temperature with evaporation
  • Fix wrong the TKE production at the bottom layer in the MYNN scheme
  • Fix some problems with the intel compiler
  • Fix some problems with the recent FNL data in the real init process
  • Fix the wrong wind direction in the tutorial real case
5.3.3 ( bugfix from 5.3.2 )
  • Fix the breakup of the rain in the SN14 scheme
5.3.2 ( bugfix from 5.3.1 )
  • Fix wrong layer depth in the KF scheme
  • Fix some bugs related to the map factor
  • Fix some problems in the real init with a certain condition
5.3.1 ( bugfix from 5.3.0 )
  • Fix the vapor flux at the surface
  • Fix wrong heat capacity in the KF scheme
  • Fix wrong roughness length in the B91W01
  • Fix potential segmentation error in the real init
5.3.0 ( minor updates from 5.2.6 )
  • Change the ocean grid to have the vertical dimension
  • Change several namelist parameter names; provide a configure converter
  • Change the smoothing filter for the topography
  • Change internal structure
  • Change the radiation flux category from short and long waves to IR, near-IR and visible.
  • Change the category of the planetary boundary layer scheme from TB to BL
  • Increase grid size of the variables at the staggered point in the netcdf file.
  • Add several attributes into the netcdf file.
  • Add some examples for analysis using SCALE library
  • Add a new post-process tool SNO
  • Add several prognostic variables to history output
  • Add the RN222 scheme
  • Add ideal 360- and 365-day calendars
  • Add a semi-Lagrangian precipitation scheme
  • Add a sea ice scheme
  • Enable to nudge the ocean and land variables
  • Enable to use rotated domain
  • Enable to control solarins for ideal experiments
  • Enable to set the Coriolis parameter for ideal experiments
  • Enable to split the history output into multiple files for the time dimension
  • Enable to split external input files for the time dimension
  • Change for the better initial states especially near the surface
  • Reduce memory usage in the initial process
  • Change error message to more user friendly
  • Fix wrong check of domain size for the nest setting
  • Fix a bugs in the SMG scheme related to the terrain-following coordinate
  • Many minor bug fixes
5.2.6 ( bugfix from 5.2.5 )
  • Fix wrong flux of tracers at the lateral boundaries
5.2.4 ( bugfix from 5.2.5 )
  • Fix the surface precipitation flux to include that calculated by the cumulus parameterization
  • Add some parameters of NAMELIST groups to the list of the reference which is missed in the list
  • Fix a bug in the initialization process of SCALE-GM
  • Fix a bug in unit for the time in the ico2ll
  • Change default value of "Z_LEV_TYPE" of the net2g from "plev" to "original"
5.2.4 ( bugfix from 5.2.3 )
  • Fix bugs in calculation of the cloud fraction and effective radius in the Suzuki10 scheme
  • Fix a bug in checking domain size
  • Fix wrong axes in file: LCDZ, UCDZ
  • Fix an error in generating reference manual
5.2.3 ( bugfix from 5.2.2 )
  • Fix the nuding at the lateral boundary region with the SN14 and Suziki10 schemes
  • Fix the CP scheme in the case with the SN14 scheme
  • Fix the online nesting in the case using the Tomita08 and SN14 scheme in the parent and daughter domains, respectively
5.2.2 ( bugfix from 5.2.1 )
  • Fix wrong loop range in the SUZUKI10 bin microphysics scheme
  • Fix wrong soil water content in the init process with the WRF file
  • Fix wrong density in the init process with the SCALE file
  • Fix the grib2grads converter for MacOS
5.2.1 ( bugfix from 5.2.0 )
  • Change the netcdf checker for Cent OS and Fedora
  • Fix the friction velocity in the MYNN scheme
  • Fix a sign of the convective velocity scale in the B91W01 scheme
  • Fix unit of the time dimension in the history file
  • Fix spurious land fraction
  • Fix wrong soil water at the bottom land layer
5.2.1 ( minor updates from 5.2.0 )
  • Add prefix of 'SCALE_' to all the environmental variable names
  • Change namelist parameters for the nesting
  • Change namelist parameters for the horizontal eddy viscosity
  • Change name of the TKEs in the turbulent schemes for outputs
  • Split the Rayleigh damping at upper layer from nudging in the buffer region
  • Enable to give external radiation forcing
  • Add Thick-SLAB land surface scheme
  • Add new options for the Tomita08 scheme
  • Enable to set the number of grids in global domain
  • Enable to set buffer size with the number of grids
  • Enable to output complete namelist parameter sets to a file separately from the log file
  • Support single file I/O with PnetCDF (requires PnetCDF >= 1.7.0)
  • Enable to output history data with pressure and height coordinates
  • Add options for restart file name
  • Support converter for FNL data with grib2 format for the real init
  • Support different grid points for atmosphere, land and ocean data for the real init
  • Provide English User Guide
  • Update table for radiational data
  • Improve spatial interpolation
  • Implore numerical stability for steep terrains
  • Fix bugs in the partial condensation in the MYNN scheme
  • Fix several bugs in the KF scheme
  • Fix wrong Prandtle number for stable case in the B91W01 scheme
  • Many minor bug fixes
5.1.5 ( bugfix from 5.1.4 )
  • Fix wrong land fraction when GLCCv2 data is used
5.1.4 ( bugfix from 5.1.3 )
  • Fix wrong cloud fraction of the Tomita08 scheme
5.1.3 ( bugfix from 5.1.2 )
  • Fix wrong gamma function
5.1.2 ( bugfix from 5.1.0 )
  • Fix wrong metric for the terrain-following coordinate
  • Fix wrong tendency of the density
  • Fix wrong sign of the metric terms
  • Fix invalid value of some monitor variables
5.1.0 ( minor updates from 5.0.1 )
  • Change the tutorial test cases
  • Update documents
  • Add the Kain and Fritsch (1990) cumulus parameterization (experimental)
  • Provide the script to prepare the configurations for real atmospheric experiments
  • Implove netCDF I/O handling
  • Fix bug in the Suzuki10 scheme
  • Fix treatment the boundary data for restart experiment
  • Fix handling for cyclic outer data
5.0.1 ( bugfix from 5.0.0 )
  • Fix wrong dependency for making SCALE-GM
5.0.0 ( major updates from 0.3.3 )
  • change name SCALE-LES to SCALE-RM (also name of binary)
  • change time format of restart file name (yyyymmdd-hhmmss.mmm)
  • Enable to select schemes for advection flux (CD2, UD3, UD3Koren1993, CD4, UD5, CD6; default is changed)
  • Enable to select schemes for time step (RK3, RK3WS2002, RK4; default is changed)
  • Enable to real temporally varied sea surface temperature data
  • Enable to integrate with tendencies of physical processes without advection
  • Enable to output clear-sky radiation flux
  • Add the Deardroff (1980) scheme for SGS turbulence
  • Add the Kajino (2013) scheme for aerosol microphisics (experimental)
  • Enable to use multiple data sources for topography and landuse
  • Enable to put barrier at call of the rap time routine
  • change algorighm of local filter in smoothing topography
  • Fix wrong calculation of internal energy
  • Fix negative fixer in the Tomita08 scheme
0.3.3 ( bugfix from 0.3.1 )
  • Fix a bug in the divergence dumping
  • Fix possible zero division in the MSTRN-X scheme
0.3.1 ( bugfix from 0.3.0 )
  • Fix a bug in the Suzuki10 scheme used with the MSTRN-X scheme
  • Fix wrong liquid water content in calculation of the hydrostatic profile in the real init
0.3.0 ( minor updates from 0.2.6 )
  • implove the init program for real case
  • enable to change parameters of the Tomita08 scheme
  • enable to output some statistics (CAPE, CIN, PBL height, etc)
  • confirm the single precision calculation
  • add a CFL checker
  • implove computational performace
  • many bugfixes


The documents for SCALE are available at SCALE Document page


Topo and landuse data

  • scale_database.tar.gz
    • update: 2015/07/22
    • size: 759MB (795325305 B)
    • MD5: f63cff8a209e73e8ceac71e33becbd60

Horizontal grid and icosahedral grid for SCALE-GM

latlon mapping table for SCALE-GM